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For anyone who is teaching the Grade 6: Evidence & Investigation Lesson.  


Here are some free resources to provide options during your lesson.  These activities, games, lessons, and presentation have been designed for the  learning objectives of the Evidence & Investigation lesson. But even if you don't  have that lesson, forensics is a great frame in which basic science can be taught. Please feel free to use and share these materials as you see fit. If there is more that you need, or anything else I can do to help, please contact me at your convenience! (More updates are coming!)

Have fun presenting ... The smiles can be amazing when you do!

For anyone who is teaching Forensics at higher grade levels (7/9/12+) 
To begin, please check out Forensium -- a Forensic Forum -- which is designed for educators and students, as well as practitioners. 
The site also offers games, and video presentations which have been designed for teaching students at all grade levels.
Please feel free to use and share these materials as you see fit. If there are any great resources you have to share, please share them in a post on Forensium
(More updates are coming!)

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Teaching Resources

To all teacher/instructors: This is a developing area, but here you can find links and resources I wish to share. Please submit a message in the Forum area to tell me if there is more you could use, or what you need, for support you in your role.  I will do my best to adjust or add content, so it can work for you! This site is meant to be a free resource for you, and your students!